Alliance publications list

TitleLead authorDate publishedLocationCountry/ies or territory/ies of focusTag(s)
Health is a bridge for peace: let us make use of it A. Al-Mandhari 2023-08-08 BMJ Global Health Health and peace
A missing piece in the Health for Peace agenda: gender diverse leadership and governance K. Meagher 2023-08-08 Health and peace
Power dynamics and health initiative design as determinants of peacebuilding: a case study of the Syrian conflict M. AlGhatrif 2023-08-08 BMJ Global Health Syrian Arab Republic Health and peace
Conflict as a macrodeterminant of non-communicable diseases: the experience of Libya L. N. Allen 2023-08-08 BMJ Global Health Libya Health and peace
How health can make a contribution to peace in Africa: WHO’s Global Health for Peace Initiative (GHPI) R. Coninx 2023-08-08 BMJ Global Health Health and peace
How political engineering can make health a bridge to peace: lessons from a Primary Health Care Project in Myanmar’s border areas A. Décobert 2023-08-08 BMJ Global Health Myanmar Health and peace
Peace and health: exploring the nexus in the Americas A. Hyder 2023-08-08 BMJ Global Health Health and peace
The need for standardised methods of data collection, sharing of data and agency coordination in humanitarian settings A. Shalash 2023-08-08 BMJ Global Health Health and peace
Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Maternal and Child Health Services and Strategies for Effective Service Implementation in Ethiopia B. Tilahun 2023-08-08 Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare Ethiopia Maternal and child health, Infectious diseases, COVID-19
Health taxes: a call for papers R. Marten 2023-08-08 BMJ Global Health Non-communicable diseases