Alliance publications list

TitleLead authorDate publishedLocationCountry/ies or territory/ies of focusTag(s)
Is private health care the answer to the health problems of the world's poor? K. Hanson 2008-11-25 PLOS MEDICINE
From Mexico to Mali: progress in health policy and systems research S. Bennett 2023-08-08 The Lancet
Establishing human resources for health research priorities in developing countries using a participatory methodology M. K. Ranson 2023-08-08 Alliance Website Human resources for health
Neglected Health Systems Research: Governance and Accountability R. Loewenson 2023-08-08 Alliance Website Governance and accountability
Neglected Health Systems Research: Health Information Systems C. AbouZahr 2023-08-08 Alliance Website Health information systems
Neglected Health Systems Research: Health Policy and Systems Research in Conflict-Affected Fragile States O. Bornemisza 2023-08-08 Alliance Website Conflict-affected fragile settings
Supporting the delivery of cost-effective interventions in primary health-care systems in low-income and middle-income countries: an overview of systematic reviews S. Lewin 2023-08-08 The Lancet Primary health care systems
The interface between research and policy: Experience from South Africa L. Gilson 2023-08-08 Social Science and Medicine South Africa Health policy
How to start thinking about investigating power in the organizational settings of policy implementation E. Erasmus 2008-07-29 Health Policy and Planning Evidence-based policy
When do vertical (stand-alone) programmes have a place in health systems? R. Atun 2008-06-25 Bulletin of the World Health Organization Health systems strengthening