Alliance publications list

TitleLead authorDate publishedLocationCountry/ies or territory/ies of focusTag(s)
Knowledge translation: An opportunity to reduce global health inequalities V. Welch 2023-08-08 Journal of International Development Evidence-based policy
Developing Health Technology Assessment to address health care system needs M. Velasco Garrido 2023-08-08 Health Policy Health technology
Health, economic development and household poverty: From understanding to action S. Bennett 2023-08-08 CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Group)
Systematic reviews in Health Policy and Systems Research S. Campbell 2023-08-08 Alliance Website Health policy
Priority setting for health policy and systems research S. Campbell 2023-08-08 Alliance Website Research and policy priorities
The Role of Evidence in Health Policy Making in Bangladesh: Recommendations Based on Analysis of Interviews with Health Sector Decision Makers T. P. Koehlmoos 2023-08-08 BMC Health Services Research Health policy
Establishing non-state sector research priorities in developing countries using a participatory method. Technical Report D. Walker 2023-08-08 Alliance Website Non-state sector
The Use of Research Evidence in Two International Organizations' Recommendations about Health Systems S. J. Hoffman 2023-08-08 Health Policy
Georgia: System-wide Effects of the Global Fund on Georgia's Health Care Systems K. Chkhatarashvili 2023-08-08 Curatio Foundation website Georgia
Understand, Forgive and Remember: Managing and Transforming Health Systems Failure in Sub-Saharan Africa I. A. Agyepong 2009-05-28 Oratie