Alliance publications list

TitleLead authorDate publishedLocationCountry/ies or territory/ies of focusTag(s)
Determinants of vaccination after the Colombian health system reform N. Acosta-Ramirez 2023-08-08 Revista de Saúde Pública Colombia
The impact of China's retail drug price control policy on hospital expenditures: a case study in two Shandong hospitals Q. Meng 2023-08-08 Health Policy and Planning China Medicines
Using health research in policy and practice: case studies from nine countries R. Moynihan 2023-08-08 AcademyHealth Health policy
Health policy and systems research in China Q. Meng 2023-08-08 WHO IRIS China Health policy
Overcoming health-systems constraints to achieve the Millennium Development Goals P. Travis 2023-08-08 The Lancet MDGs
Bridging the implementation gap in health systems research M. A. Gonzalez Block 2023-08-08 WHO IRIS Implementation research
Health policy and systems research agendas in developing countries M. A. Gonzalez Block 2023-08-08 Health Research Policy and Systems Health policy
Socio-economic and geographic differentials in costs and payment strategies for primary healthcare services in Southeast Nigeria O. E. Onwujekwe 2023-08-09 Health Policy Nigeria Health financing
Evaluation of the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research: an initiative of the Global Forum for Health Research S. Tollman 2023-08-08 Alliance Website Evaluations
Strengthening health systems: the role and promise of health policy and systems research Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research 2023-08-08 Alliance Website Flagship report